Welcome to the revamped Flash Flash Revolution Perfect Project!

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Thanks for stopping in! The FFR Perfect Project is a community project aimed at collecting videos of users AAA'ing every songs in FFR. Anyone is able to participate, and we encourage everyone to get involved! Spread the word - the main FFR thread can be viewed here.

To get started, read through the rules below and follow all the instructions needed to submit a video. We can't wait to see what awesome AAA's you send in!


Submitting to the FFR Perfect Project

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So YOU'VE got what it takes to AAA songs in FFR, on camera?? Heck yeah!

Submissions are sent to the FFRPP email, and must follow these rules:

Submission Rules
  1. All speedmods are fine, but try to keep modifications limited to Mirror at most.
  2. Videos must be live recordings of keytaps, screen, and/or hands. Screen recordings only will not be accepted.
  3. Make sure quality is decent & that we can actually see the gameplay.
  4. Videos are uploaded on a first come first serve basis. In the interest of fairness we may upload multiple videos of one song.
  5. When sending videos, please name the title of your email/video file "Song (Username)", for song and user recognition.
If there are any questions about the submission process, etc., don't hesitate to reach out! You can contact our project coordinators via the links in the side bar, or via Discord at our tags listed below.
  • SubaruPoptart: Hopecaster#8328
  • justin: Xyr0#0001
Thanks again for your interest in this project - it's the community that brings this project to fruition and your input and interest matters!


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